Minnesota Hunter Safety Course


Why Hunter Education?

There are two goals we wish to obtain through hunter education. The first, of course, is to minimize or eliminate the occurrence of firearm and hunting incidents. The second is to help the hunting and shooting sports live on into future generations by ensuring that all hunters comply with laws and regulations, and behave in an ethical, safe and responsible manner.

There are some people who disapprove of hunting. These people feel that hunting is wrong and are known as "anti-hunting". There are also those who disapprove of some actions of certain hunters, who are known as "anti-hunters". However, most of the population are simply "non-hunters" meaning they do not personally hunt, but do not have any negative views on the sport either. As a hunter, it is your responsibility to respect people's beliefs, and act in a courteous manner toward non-hunters, anti-hunting and anti-hunters.

Always obey all hunting laws, and act in a sportsman-like manner. If a situation arises with no clear "legal" action to take, a hunter must rely on their personal ethics or the "hunter's code" to determine the right course of action. Ethics should be given as much importance and respect as hunting laws and regulations.