Minnesota Hunter Safety Course


The Code of the Hunter

There are times when hunters must rely on more than just hunting laws in order to decide what to do in a given situation. This is known as the hunter's ethical code, and closely follows the four R's of hunter ethics. Following this code is just as important as adhering to all hunting laws.

Code 1

I will follow the rules of safe firearms handling every time I handle a gun. I will insist that everyone around me do the same.


Code 2

I will follow all hunting laws and regulations, and insist that everyone around me do the same. I will report any violation to the proper authorities.


Code 3

I will act in a sportsmanlike manner, hunt ethically and responsibly, and insist that everyone around me do the same.


Code 4

I will respect all those around me, including other hunters and non-hunters alike


Code 5I will ask permission from landowners before a hunt, treat their land as my own, and share the harvest with them.


Code 6

I will respect the game I am hunting and follow the rules of fair chase. I will insist the same of everyone around me.


Code 7

I will practice marksmanship and only take shots that ensure a quick clean harvest.

Code 8

I will support wildlife conservation whenever I can, by donating to organizations or helping to build new habitat.

code 9

I will pass on my knowledge and experience to other hunters and non-hunters.


Code 10

I will use any game I harvest to the fullest extent, avoiding any waste of the game.