Minnesota Hunter Safety Course


Working with Conservation Officers

It is the duty of conservation officers to safeguard the public by enforcing all wildlife laws and regulations. Whether they are enforcing hunting, fishing, boating regulations, teaching hunting safety or wildlife conservation or working with hunters and landowners to conduct research, conservation officers are always working to improve Minnesota's outdoors for the enjoyment of all.

Conservation officers are out in the field every day, whether in uniform or in plain clothes, to make the outdoors safer. They routinely travel through the woods or conduct traffic checkpoints, to ask for proof of a hunter's hunting license and stop illegal activities such as poaching.

As responsible hunters, we must acknowledge and admire the work done by conservation officers. It is through their perseverance that violators of hunting laws are caught and prosecuted, ensuring that hunting will continue to live on into the future.

Conservation officers can also be used as a resource for information on local laws, public hunting lands and local wildlife. You can also help conservation officers by obeying all local hunting regulations, and reporting suspicious or illegal activities.