Minnesota Hunter Safety Course


A hunter's reasons

If you were to ask a hunter why they hunt, you will probably never hear exactly the same answer twice. All hunters have their own set of values and their own reasons for setting out on a hunt, however most can be categorized among the following.


For many hunters, the sport of hunting gives them an opportunity to slow down and enjoy a simpler way of life. To spend a few days or even a few hours out in the bush and reconnect with nature.


For many, hunting is simply a way of life that was passed down through generations and is a family tradition. These hunters usually start off very young, and are hunters for life.


Some hunters enjoy spending time outdoors with their friends or colleagues, to develop or strengthen friendships.


Many people prefer wild game to packaged meat. Wild game is generally lower in fat content, is free of hormones, antibiotics and preservatives. Many also prefer the taste of wild game to domestic farmed animals.


To some hunters, hunting is a way to develop and hone in a new set of skills and improve them over time.

Notice that many of these fundamental reasons have nothing to do with shooting a firearm or harvesting game. To many hunters, hunting is not about firearms or the trophy animal; it is about the whole package. Many hunters do not need to take game in order to have a successful hunt. What is your reason for hunting?