Minnesota Hunter Safety Course


Rules of Outdoor Survival

All hunters should follow these six rules to help prevent getting lost, and to be prepared should it happen.

Leave a hunting plan with a responsible family member or friend. The plan should include a date and time to contact the authorities if you have not returned. Stick to your plan! Give yourself enough time to return to your vehicle or hunting camp before it gets dark. If you decide to change your plans, let that person know.

Always carry a map and compass, and know how to use them together. You should also carry a spare compass, in case you lose or damage the first one.

Always carry fire starting equipment, and know how to use it to start a fire. Practice your fire-building skills before you head out.

Avoid hunting alone. There is safety in numbers. If you are injured in the field, a hunting companion can provide First Aid, help you get back to safety, and contact emergency services if needed.

Have enough water with you to last a night. It can sometimes be very difficult to find water in the wild, and you need to purify this water before it is safe to drink. Having enough water for the night will allow you to focus on a shelter, should you get lost.

Carry proper clothing and equipment with you. Remember that weather can be unpredictable and change quickly. Having spare clothing to keep warm and rain gear to keep dry, can be lifesavers if you have to spend the night outdoors.