Minnesota Hunter Safety Course


Upland Game Birds

Upland game birds usually have round, heavy bodies and short wings. They are not migratory, meaning they do not go south for the winter. Usually the male of the species will be brightly colored, whereas the female is a little smaller and plainly colored. Upland game birds will usually be found on dry land, but always close to a water source. Examples of upland game birds are turkeys, pheasants, and grouse.

Take note, hunters who wish to hunt pheasants in Minnesota must first obtain a pheasant stamp validation on their hunting license.

Protected Species

Any species that is on the rare or endangered list will be protected from any type of hunting. There are many species, from every game category, on this list. There are several bird species that are protected by federal law and cannot be hunted under any circumstances. This includes species such as owls, hawks and eagles. It is every hunter’s responsibility to know which species are off limits. Be sure you are able to identify these animals up close and from a distance. NEVER take a shot if you are unsure of the target.