Minnesota Hunter Safety Course


Parts of a Bow


Allows the hunter to hold the bow in a vertical position while shooting. For bows with a wrist strap, the proper way to grip is with a relaxed hand-grip. For other bows, fingertips are curled resting lightly on the front of the grip. The force of the bow, at full draw, holds the grip in the palm of the archer's hand. If the archer grips the bow too tightly, it tends to throw the arrow left or right or up and down.



The upper or lower part of the bow that bends when the string is drawn back. The limbs store the energy when the bow is held at full draw. Never release a bow string without an arrow nocked in place. This is called "dry firing" a bow. Doing so can cause serious damage to the bow and/or injury to the shooter and bystanders.


String Groove

Found on the limp tip of Long Bows and Recurve Bows. The groove keeps the bow string in place.