Minnesota Hunter Safety Course


Chapter 4 Firearm Safety

It is every hunter's responsibility to understand and follow all the firearm safety rules and guidelines, and to ensure that everyone around them follow these rules as well. Following safe firearm handling rules and guidelines every time you handle a firearm is critical for your safety and the safety of everyone around you.

Goals for This Chapter

You will be required to show the following skills and/or knowledge at your Field Day:

NOTE - the numbers listed below correspond the the program objectives listed on the "Firearms Safety Education Program" print-out, available in your exam center.

  • [2.2.2] Demonstrate the six different safe firearm carries in the field
  • [2.2.2] Identify the safest firearm carry to use in a given situation
  • [2.2.3] Give examples of situations when it would be appropriate to load or necessary to unload a firearm