Minnesota Hunter Safety Course


Check the Barrel for Obstructions

When any debris (such as dirt or snow for example) gets into a barrel of any firearm, it is a condition referred to as an obstruction. It blocks the path of the bullet and can cause injury to you or to your firearm if it is not properly removed. Every time you pick up your firearm and before loading it, open the action and check the barrel for obstructions. If you suspect that your barrel has an obstruction, stop your hunt until you are certain the obstruction is completely removed.

How to remove a barrel obstruction

  1. Stop hunting immediately and unload the firearm if it is not already unloaded.
  2. Remove the bolt if possible, and check the barrel for obstruction
  3. Remove the obstruction with the necessary tools, such as a cleaning rod.
  4. Check the barrel to ensure all the obstruction was removed.
  5. Reload the firearm when you are positive the barrel is clear.