Minnesota Hunter Safety Course


Archery Hunting Safety

Archery hunting can be just as dangerous as firearms hunting. As such, archery hunters are required to take a hunter education course and follow the rules of hunting safety.

Here are some additional safety rules that all archery hunters should follow:

Use arm and finger guards

An arm guard will protect the shooter's arm from friction burn should the bow string rub against the arm when the bow is fired. Finger guards help protect the three drawing fingers from injury.

Be careful with broadheads

Broadhead points have razor-sharp blades designed to cut through an animal's blood vessels. Always ensure broadheads are covered and secure when carrying them. Do not try to add or remove a broadhead by hand. Always use a specialized broadhead wrench to handle broadheads.

Inspect all equipment

Always check your bow for damage before each use. A small crack, nick, or a scratch can be very dangerous when you draw back the string. You should also check the string for signs of fraying, and the arrow for cracks or stress points. If any of your archery equipment appears to be damaged, stop your hunt and replace the damaged part.