Minnesota Hunter Safety Course


Muzzleloader Safety

Like any other firearm hunter, muzzleloader hunters must follow all the rules of firearm safety. These are some additional safety rules all muzzleloader hunters should follow.

Do not blow down the barrel

This can blow debris or burning hot residue back toward your face.


Use brass tools

Cleaning and maintenance tools for firearms are available in a variety of materials. Choose brass accessories that will not create sparks when used on your muzzleloader.

No Smoking!

The black powder used in muzzleloaders is an explosive compound that does not need much to go off. NEVER smoke when you are anywhere near black powder.

Use a powder measure

Never pour black powder into a muzzleloader directly from the powder can or horn. Should there be an ember inside the barrel, the black powder will ignite and travel back to the can or horn. Use a powder measure to pour black powder into the muzzleloader. The damage will be far less extensive, should the powder ignite.