Minnesota Hunter Safety Course


Fixed/Hang-On Stands

A fixed position or hang-on treestand is secured to the tree at the elevation where it is used. The user usually ascends the tree by some means, lifts the treestand to the desired position and secures it for use.

When using a fixed position or hang-on type stand, practise attaching the stand at ground level before using it in a hunting environment. Always use a FAS/FBH and a climbing linemens belt when installing or removing a fixed position stand or climbing aids anytime you are ascending or descending the tree and before entering or exiting a fixed position stand. Stay connected to the tree from the time you leave the ground until you're back down.

Sectional ladders and steps should be spaced on the tree to ensure each step is no more than 18 inches apart. Check every ladder section connection every time you use the ladder, before you leave the ground. If any ladder sections are separating, do not use the ladder.