Minnesota Hunter Safety Course


Deer Drives

In a deer drive, a party of hunters splits into two groups. One group lines up along the edge of the game cover - they're called the standers or posters, and they don't move from their assigned positions. The other group are the drivers. They position themselves on the opposite side of the game cover and walk toward the standers. While walking through the cover, the drivers flush out game animals toward the standers. 

If the drivers move slowly, the animals will also move slowly out of the cover. If the drivers move slowly they may have the opportunity to shoot at game. However both drivers and standers must know where other members of the party are, and be aware that other hunters may be in the area as well.  Always be sure of your target and beyond, and ALWAYS adhere to safe zones of fire.

This technique is quite effective for cover that is not too thick. It's important to wear a blaze orange hat and vest and know where the other hunters are located. Always check local laws before you hunt.