Mississippi Hunter Safety Course


Types of Treestands

Homemade or Permanent Treestand

Homemade or permanent treestands made of wood are NOT recommended because over time they can deteriorate and become unsafe. Rain, snow and ice can collect on the stand, and moss can collect in spots, making the platform slick. Also, a permanent stand can damage the tree to which it's attached and the nails you use to fasten it can cause serious damage to equipment or people later on, when the tree is harvested.

Treestand Hunting on Mississippi's Wildlife Management Areas

In Mississippi, if hunting in a Wildlife Management Area it shall be illegal to construct or hunt from any permanent stands or blinds. Destroying, defacing, cutting, driving nails or spikes into, or otherwise damaging any standing live tree, natural feature, or plant is prohibited. Portable stands (including tripods and ground blinds) that are not removed from the area daily must have a stand identification number permanently and legibly written on the stand. Stand identification numbers may be obtained by calling the appropriate district office for the Wildlife Management Area where the stand will be placed. Stands left on the area do not reserve hunting locations. Portable stands may not be installed on the management area prior to 7 days before deer season opens, nor left longer than 7 days after deer season closes. Stands not in compliance with these regulations may be confiscated and disposed of by the MDWFP.