Mississippi Hunter Safety Course


Fixed or Hang-on Treestand

A fixed or hang-on type stand can be attached to a tree at any height. It consists of a seat and a platform, along with straps and/or chains to attach the stand. A hunter's movement in this stand is very limited, and it requires a ladder or steps for access. Make sure the attaching straps or chains are tight and secure or the stand could slip when weight is applied to the platform.


Safety Tips for Fixed / Hang-on Stands:

  • ALWAYS use a climbing / lineman's belt when installing or removing a fixed position stand and also while ascending or descending the tree.
  • NEVER support your weight with a tree limb. Tree limbs can break causing you to fall.
  • Always test the stand to be sure it is secure before climbing into it
  • Never use wood steps attached to the tree with nails or spikes.
  • Avoid using screw-in steps, as they can be more dangerous than other climbing aides. They are also illegal in some states. Know the law!