Mississippi Hunter Safety Course


Guidelines When Hunting Transmission Line Rights of Way

You Must Have Permission From The Landowner To Hunt The Transmission Line Rights Of Way

Guidelines for acceptable stand locations: 

  • Stands must be placed on outer 5 feet from the Rights of Way; and
  • Stands must be a minimum of 25 feet from transmission line infrastructure (poles, towers, guys, anchors); and
  • Stands must not block access to the Rights of Way

Prohibited Stand Locations:

  • Any structure attached to a transmission tower or power poles
  • Structures blocking access or located close to facilities
  • Structures underneath high-voltage lines

Any violation of the above will result in the immediate removal or relocation of your stand. 

It is UNLAWFUL and RECKLESS to shoot electrical poles, towers, conductors, insulators, guys, anchors, transformers, and/or any other electrical facilities. Violators could be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Hunting Structure Placement 

 Guidelines have been provided by: Southern Company Transmission