Newfoundland and Labrador Hunter Education Program


Causes of Firearm Incidents


Most hunting-related incidents occur when a hunter either forgets the basic rules of firearm safety or behaves in a careless manner. Look at incident reports involving hunters and you'll likely note one or more of the following mistakes:

  • Pointing the MuzzleThe opening in a barrel where ammunition exits after being fired. of a firearm at someone
  • Not identifying target carefully and what lies beyond it
  • Not keeping finger out of trigger guard and off trigger until ready to shoot
  • Assuming that a firearm is unloaded and not handling it safely
  • Stumbling or falling while carrying a loaded firearm
  • Falling while climbing into/out of position
  • Assuming that a firearm is unloaded when crossing a fence
  • Jumping over a ditch or creek with a loaded firearm
  • Transporting a loaded firearm in a motorized vehicle
  • Swinging out of a safe zone of fire into another hunter's zone

Avoid making those kinds of mistakes by observing the following rules of safe firearm handling.