Newfoundland and Labrador Hunter Education Program



In a survival situation, fire is your friend. You can use it to boil and purify water, to keep warm and calm, or to signal. To build a warming fire, collect some tinder, small wood and larger pieces of dry wood. Once you think you have collected enough wood, go back and collect some more. Place the tinder and small wood in a small pile and surround it with larger pieces in the shape of a teepee. Clear a three-foot-wide area around your fire for safety. Carry waterproof matches, a lighter, or a magnesium fire starter in your pack to always have a way of starting a fire. For signaling with fire, add green plant material to your flame - this will produce a lot of smoke.

When building a fire on top of snow or ice, always create a base for the fire by placing logs or thicker wood beneath the material you plan on burning to avoid melting the blaze into a deep hole.