Newfoundland and Labrador Hunter Education Program


Wildlife Identification

In order to determine if a shot is legal and ethical, you must first be able to properly identify that animal. Wildlife identification is a necessary skill for all hunters. Before heading out for a hunt, you should not only study up on the animal you are hunting, but also on the other animals you might encounter.

For example, identifying the difference between a bull, cow or calf moose is essential when moose hunting. There are many factors to take into consideration including size, head shapes, behaviour, body shape and antlers.

In the illustration below, we can see that the larger moose is a cow as she does not have a set of antlers and has a patch of white hair under her tail, known as the vulva patch. Beside her, with noticeable size difference, would be her calf.

Cow and Calf

Additional information on the moose and other wildlife found in Newfoundland and Labrador will be presented in the Wildlife Identification Appendix following this chapter.