Newfoundland and Labrador Hunter Education Program


Safety Rules for Hunting With Dogs

Dogs are used in many areas for hunting. There are many breeds of hunting dogs, and the type of game animal you are hunting will determine what type of dog to use. When hunting with a dog, everyone in the hunting party must treat the dog as a fellow hunter. Always be aware of where the dog is, and adhere to both vertical and horizontal zones of fire as well as identification of the target, and what lies in front of, and beyond, that target. Any leashes or tethers that you might be using to transport the dog MUST be removed from the dog while hunting.

A hunting dog should always wear a collar, which includes information such as the dog's name, and the owner's phone number. Blaze orange vests made out of cloth and neoprene can be purchased for the hunting dog to wear, which will help other hunters see the dog, and can also help keep the dog warm and protect them from injury.

For small game animals such as snowshoe hare, beagles and hounds are used to run game animals in the direction of a hunter. When released, the dog travels through the cover and moves the game towards the hunter or hunters staged at certain locations. This technique works well in thick cover or areas that a hunter cannot walk through easily.

Safety first! Since most waterfowl hunting is done in cold weather, it is important that the retriever stays warm and dry.