New Jersey Hunter Safety Course


Air Guns

Air Guns

Starting in the fall of 2013, small game hunting with air guns was allowed for rabbit and squirrels during the regular small game seasons. New Jersey firearm laws consider air guns as firearms. A firearm purchasers ID Card is required to buy one within the state. All of New Jersey's state firearm laws pertain to air guns. Therefore, any type of sound reduction device attached to or built into a firearm is considered illegal to use or possess. As with any firearm, air guns need to be handled with great care and respect. One needs to remember and obey the three primary safety rules. 

  1. Treat every firearm as if it were loaded
  2. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction
  3. Know your target and behind

What Do I Need to Go Hunting with an Air Gun in New Jersey? 

Air guns of .177 caliber through .22 caliber, including .20 caliber/5mm, will be allowed as long as the minimum muzzle velocity is at least 600 feet per second. No BB's will be allowed. The air gun needs to be loaded with pellets. Wadcutters, domes/pointed and hollow point designed conical style pellets are all permitted. To hunt in New Jersey, one will need a basic firearm hunting license. Hunter Education requirements for the basic firearms have not changed. Students will still be required to safely handle and shoot a shotgun in the field portion of the class. When hunting with air guns, the standard firearm safety zone of 450 feet and wearing a minimum 200 square inches of hunter orange will also apply. Like all firearms, air guns while in transport need to be unloaded and in a secure case.