New Jersey Hunter Safety Course


Ethical Shots

After having identified a target as a safe and legal shot, hunters must then ask themselves whether or not the shot is an ethical one.

For example, there are no game laws against shooting at a running deer, though proper shot placement is extremely difficult on a fast-moving target. Should you take the shot?

Bow hunters will often use treestands to give them an added advantage. Since they are out of sight, animals tend to come a lot closer to the stand. If a deer is directly underneath the stand, hitting the vital areas is almost impossible. Should the hunter take the shot?

Unethical Shot

Many sportsmen and women believe it is unethical to shoot at a quail or grouse when the animal is on the ground, because this violates the rules of fair chase. If you are upland game hunting and sneak up on a quail on the ground, would you shoot?

Hunters often need to make split-second decisions on a target - if there is any doubt on whether the shot is safe, legal or ethical, then you should not take the shot.