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Similar to what occurs when firing most modern-style firearms, primer for muzzleloaders ignites a main powder charge. The two most common percussion cap primers are the Number-11 Cap and the 209 Muzzleloader Primer. Each is coated with an explosive substance that when struck by the hammer, creates a spark. The Number-11 Cap is placed directly on the nipple. The 209 Muzzleloader Primer has a much hotter spark and is used where there is a larger amount of powder in the main charge. It is first placed in a primer holder and then on the nipple. Consult the owner's manual of your firearm to determine the recommended primer for your muzzleloader.

209 Muzzleloader Primer & Holder

Shotshell Primer

Used for inline muzzleloaders


#11 Percussion Cap

Percussion Cap

Used for caplock muzzleloaders


FFFFG Priming Powder

FFFFG Priming Powder

Used for flintlock muzzleloaders


IMPORTANT! In New Jersey, a muzzleloader can be considered unloaded even if there is a powder charge and projectile inside the barrel, provided there is no primer or percussion cap on the nipple, and in the case of a flintlock, the frizzen is covered by a leather boot to prevent accidental sparks.