Study Guide


Ladder Stand

This stand is safer to enter and exit thanks to the ladder, but it may require three people to install and secure it properly to a tree. Ranging between 12 and 16 feet in height, it is ideal when hunting on well-established game trails. Some ladder stands have a small seat and platform for one hunter. Others feature a larger seat and platform for two hunters. A skirt can also be purchased, which will conceal the hunter's movements. Some ladder stands feature a bar that can be used as a gun rest.


Safety Tips for Ladder Stands:

  • Ladder stands should include criss-cross straps, standoff brackets or other means of securing the ladder to the tree before climbing to the platform.
  • Ladder sections must be securely held together with retainer pins, clips, or some other device to prevent the ladder sections from coming apart unexpectedly.
  • Ladder stands can require up to 3 persons to install or remove correctly. Don't risk your safety or the safety of others by attempting to install or remove it yourself. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  • ALWAYS lean forward and maintain three points of contact while climbing the ladder. Example: Two hands, one foot.
  • As you approach the top of the ladder, attach the FAS/FBH tether to the tree as soon as possible.