New York Hunter Safety Course


Chapter 1:

Know Your Rifles and Shotguns

Rifle and Shotgun Parts.


Both riflesHigh-power firearm that fires bullets, and is braced against the hunter's shoulder when fired. and shotgunsFirearm used to fire multiple projectiles (shot) or a single larger projectile (slugs).  Generally much less powerful than rifles, and generally has a smooth bore. feature three main parts. They are the stock, action and barrel. 

1. Stock


Supports the action and the barrel of a firearm and is made out of either wood or synthetic material. The stock may be a single piece or two pieces, depending on the manufacturer.


2. Action


Consists of a series of parts that load, fire and eject a cartridge or shot shellAmmunition used in shotguns. Can be loaded with multiple pellets or a single slug as the projectile. from a firearm.


3. Barrel and Muzzle 

Barrel & Muzzle

The barrel is the tube-shaped part of a firearm through which ammunition is fired. The muzzleThe opening in a barrel where ammunition exits after being fired. is located at the front end of the barrel.


4. Sight


An alignment device to help aim a firearm. Styles of sights include metallic, fiber optic, peepFirearm sight placed at the rear of the firearm barrel, has a base and a raised ring through which the hunter aims., open, telescopic, dot, bead and laser.


5. Trigger and Trigger Guard

Trigger & Trigger Guard

When squeezed, the trigger releases the firing pinPart of the action of a firearm - the firing pin is the part that makes contact with the primer, to ignite the gunpowder in a cartridge or shotshell. to hit the primerAn explosive compound used to ignite a larger gunpowder charge. on a firearm's cartridge, igniting the powder and sending the bullet down the barrel. The trigger guard protects the trigger.


6. Magazine


A storage device for cartridges or shot shells featured on most firearms. Without your magazine, your rifle or shotgun will be limited to a single shot. There are two types of magazines: box and tubular. They are available as either a detachable or fixed part. A detachable box magazine can be removed from a firearm, whereas a fixed magazine cannot. A tubualr magazine is located under the barrel.