New York Hunter Safety Course


Percussion or Caplock Muzzleloader

This model has the nipple mounted on the outside of the barrel at the breech end. It uses a small percussion cap that has an explosive compound, which is used to ignite a gunpowder charge. The firing mechanism consists of the following parts:


Small lever on the firearm that, when pulled, releases the hammer.


Strikes the percussion cap, producing a spark.


A small metal tube that is tapered and screwed into the barrel. The percussion cap is pushed onto the nipple and is held on by tension.


The ramrod is used to push the bullet down a barrel until it is seated on top of the charge. It is also used to determine whether the firearm is loaded. On traditional muzzleloaders, the ramrod may be made of wood, whereas modern muzzleloaders will have a fiberglass or composite ramrod.

Patch Box

Convenient, easy way to store patches so they are accessible when needed.


Safety first! Black powder and its equivalent are extremely explosive! Do not handle near any open flame or embers in the immediate area.