North Carolina Hunter Safety Course


Advantages and Disadvantages for Using a Treestand

Treestand Hunting


  • Gives a hunter a longer range of visibility, which allows more time to prepare for a safe shot.
  • A hunter's scent remains in the canopy of the trees, instead of on the ground where it can give away a position to nearby animals.
  • Game animals can detect even slight movements. In a treestand, the hunter can move without being easily detected.
  • Blaze orange can be seen at greater distances in a treestand than on the ground, where the hunter's color(s) might be blocked by brush and debris.
  • Shots taken by a hunter from a treestand are at a downward angle, so the bullet or arrow will go into the ground. This is especially important when hunting near homes and farms buildings.


  • A hunter has no protection from the wind unless the treestand has a skirt around its platform.
  • Some treestands are quite heavy to carry into or out of the woods.
  • In rainy or snowy weather, a hunter might lose his or her footing when climbing up to or getting out of the treestand.
  • It is difficult to change positions or move around in some treestands
  • Setting up and taking down a treestand can be very noisy
  • A hunter might fall asleep in the treestand, and this could result in an incident.
  • Many hunting incidents occur when a hunter is getting into or out of a treestand.

Important! When using a treestand for hunting on private land, always first obtain permission from the land owner.