Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Parts of the Crossbow

Crossbows consist of most or all of the following parts:


crossbow stock

The main support component on to which the other parts are attached.



crossbow limbs

The part of the crossbow that stores the energy required to fire the bolt at the target, when drawn and cocked into the firing position. Limbs can be recurve or compound in design.



crossbow cams

The wheel like attachments to the limb tips on compound crossbows which provide a mechanical advantage in the final draw weight and arrow speed.



crossbow deck

The top part of the stock where the bolt is placed.


Retention Spring

crossbow retention string

Located at the rear of the deck, it is used to hold the bolt on the deck.



crossbow stirrup

The D-shaped attachment at the front of the crossbow which is used to support the bow with your foot during the cocking process.