Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Parts of the Crossbow

Dissipater Pads

crossbow dissipater pads

The pads are located at the base of the limbs where they are attached to the dissipater bars. These pads absorb and dampen the energy when the string is released.



crossbow string

Made of multiple fibers to hold the energy of the crossbow limbs when drawn. The string contains extra material where it meets the limb tips, and also where the bolt rests when it is nocked into place.



crossbow safety

This is a mechanical device that prevents the release of the string and accidental firing of the bolt. It should always be used but never 100% relied upon as it is a mechanical device that could fail.



crossbow trigger

A mechanical device located in the trigger guard. Its purpose is to provide a consistent release of the string to fire a bolt.



crossbow scope

An alignment device used to help a hunter aim and shoot their crossbow to achieve an accurate shot placement. The most common sights on crossbows are telescopic (shown). Other sights include open, aperture (peep) and red dot sights.