Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Crossbow Accessories

There may also be some additional parts for different models of crossbows, depending on the manufacturer. Some extra elements include, but are not limited to:

Covered Quiver

covered quiver

Used to carry the bolts covering the razor sharp broadheads. It may be attached to the crossbow, or carried by the hunter.



crossbow sling

Assists the hunter when carrying their crossbow in the field; most crossbows have sling attachments on the butt and fore-end of the stock.


Serving Wax

serving wax

This will maintain the life on your string when firing your crossbow. By rubbing the wax into the serving of your string it reduces the friction between the serving and the deck of the crossbow - it only needs to be rubbed into the serving area of the string.


Range Finder Mount

range finder mount

This additional component attaches to your scope on the crossbow and provides a platform on which you can attach your rangefinder - allowing for quick range estimates and consistent accuracy.


Crossbow Stringer

crossbow stringer

The crossbow stringer makes the process of applying and removing a crossbow string very simple and convenient. It should be noted that the stringer is only used with a recurve crossbow.


Rope Cocking Aid

rope cocking aid

Used to help a hunter cock and un-cock a crossbow.


Cranking Aid

cranking aid

Used to help a hunter cock a crossbow. It should never be used to un-cock a crossbow.