Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course



Depending on the intended use of your crossbow, either for target shooting or hunting, there are a variety of bolt points to choose from. The hunter needs to select a point best suited for the type of shooting they are going to perform.

Target Shooting

crossbow target points

The target shooter will be using field or target points to practice shooting with their crossbow. When practicing, the crossbow shooter has multiple options for practice targets. Available targets include traditional paper targets, shooting blocks and realistic 3D animal targets that cover all hunted game. The advantage of the 3D game targets gives the shooter a more realistic target, so when in the field the transition is very simple. Some shooting blocks or 3D targets are made from material that can accept broadhead points, which is an advantage to the big game hunter. Be sure to check manufacturer's recommendations before using broadhead points on a target. To remove a bolt from a target, simply grab it firmly and pull it straight out. You can also use a bolt puller, which screws into a flat nock, and helps with removal.

Both compound and recurve crossbows require equal amounts of practice. The shooter should be confident in their accuracy and distance judgment before entering the field. Consistency is key. Hunters must be able to accurately and consistently have proper shot placement before they head out for a hunt.

crossbow 3D target