Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Big Game

The choice for big game animals is a broadhead. The broadhead point must be razor sharp to be effective in harvesting the animal. The bolt and broadhead work by cutting major arteries and organs causing massive blood loss which helps with a quick clean harvest of the game animal. The animal needs to lose 1/3 of its blood volume before it will expire. There are many types or broadhead points on the market. It is advisable to select one which is the same weight as your practice point or field point. This will allow for a similar trajectory.

crossbow broadheads

Fixed Blade

Mechanical Blade

The two main types of broadheads are fixed blade and mechanical. It is important to practice with broadheads as they do not always fly exactly as field points do. Sometimes the hunter will have to modify his or her technique slightly to get an accurate shot using broadheads.

The fixed blade is sturdy and reliable. The blades are either replaceable or can be sharpened if they lose their edge. The mechanical broadheads have the blades folded into the tip, and held together by a rubber band. This allows for the bolt to fly like the target or field point used in practice. When the broadhead hits the animal it opens up on contact. However, due to the extreme acceleration the blade may open up once it leaves the crossbow and fly erratically. Ensure the rubber band is set in the correct position, or you can double band them.

Since a broadhead works by cutting through blood vessels and organs, hunters must ensure that their broadheads are razor, razor sharp. A method to test the sharpness of the broad head is to rub it against an outstretched rubber band, which is similar to the blood vessel walls in the body. If the blade pushes the rubber band aside it is not sharp enough. If it causes the rubber band to break it is sharp enough for hunting.

sharpening and safely removing a broadhead

Broadhead sharpener

Broadhead wrench