Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Un-Cocking the Crossbow

As with cocking the crossbow, un-cocking a crossbow can be done using several different methods. It is extremely important that you have your foot in the stirrup with as much downward pressure as possible when un-cocking the crossbow. If your foot slips out of the stirrup, the crossbow will travel upward and could cause personal injury.

Un-Cocking in the Field

One of the most common practices in the field for a hunter to un-cock their crossbow is to shoot a bolt into the ground. This method is easy and safe, provided you have a field point to put on the bolt, and the ground is free of rocks and debris that might send the bolt in an unexpected direction. If you do not have a field point or the ground is not suitable, you should manually or use a rope cocking aid to un-cock the crossbow.