Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Un-Cocking with a Rope Cocking Aid

The rope cocking aid can also be very helpful when un-cocking your crossbow. It will help relieve much of the downward pressure when the string is released. Since the rope cocking aid is quite small and light, it is recommended that all crossbow hunters carry the aid with them while hunting so that they can easily un-cock the crossbow when required.

Step 1

Visually and with your finger, ensure that there is no bolt on the crossbow deck.


Step 2

Place your foot securely into the stirrup, with as much downward pressure as possible.


Step 3

Secure the middle of the rope of the cocking aid into the groove behind the deck on the stock; usually below the safety.


Step 4

Place the two cocking aid hooks onto the string and have them as close to the deck as possible on either side. Have one of the handles tightly beside the hook. The opposite handle will have a lot of slack.


Step 5

Grip the rope cocking aid handle that has the most slack firmly, and stand straight up until you feel that you are pulling back on the string.


Step 6

Turn the safety mechanism off.


Step 7

With your available hand (not the one holding the rope cocking aid) pull the trigger and slowly advance the string along the deck until it is in the rest position.


Step 8

Remove the rope cocking aid from the string and crossbow.