Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Loading a Bolt

This action should only be done when you are certain that the safety is turned on and you are ready to hunt or shoot targets.

Step 1. To load a bolt, the crossbow must first be cocked and the safety turned on.

Step 2. Point the crossbow in a safe direction.

Step 3. Slide the bolt onto the deck with one vane of the fletching placed into the channel of the deck.

Step 4. Push the bolt back along the deck and under the retention spring until it either sits firmly on the string or is nocked onto the string (depending on your crossbow and bolt).

The crossbow is now considered loaded and you are ready to shoot.

IMPORTANT! Never point a loaded crossbow at anything you don't want to shoot.


Unloading a Bolt

unloading a bolt

Removing the bolt is very simple and is the first step when finishing your hunt or target shooting to un-cock your crossbow.

Step 1. To remove the bolt, first have the safety on. Keep your finger off the trigger.

Step 2. Point the crossbow in a safe direction and slowly pull the bolt out from under the retention spring. The bolt will now be free to remove and you can now safely un-cock your crossbow.