Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Storing a Crossbow and Bolts

There are two ways of storing your crossbow depending on the amount you are going to use it. In either scenario, keeping your crossbow away from direct and prolonged heat is highly suggested.

Although there are no Federal regulations regarding the storage of a crossbow, it is recommended that they be treated the same way as you would store a firearm.

Short Term

short term storage

If it is hunting season or you will be target shooting quite frequently then there are only a few steps that need to be remembered.

Have your crossbow un-cocked and leave the string attached; the crossbow can be left strung for long periods of time. Keep your bolts in a covered quiver so that the sharp broadheads are protected and keep them out of reach or securely locked-up.

There are different types of cases that you can keep your crossbow in, depending on the make and model. Hard cases and soft cases add an element of protection to the crossbow.