Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Equipment Inspection

safety inspection

When you are planning to use your crossbow you need to be sure that it is in proper working condition. You should make it a habit to check all your equipment, prior to each use. Follow these steps to ensure your crossbow is in good working order.

Step 1. You need to start by checking the crossbow string and cables (if a compound crossbow) for any signs of wear or breakage.

Step 2. Check the crossbow and limbs for any stress cracks or delaminating of material. Check where the limbs are attached to the stock. If you have a compound crossbow you need to check the cams. Ensure all the lock washers and screws are secure and the cams are straight.

Step 3. Work your way up the stock. Check your front sight pins, rear sight or scope. Check the fore end of the stock to make sure it is secure.

Step 4. Examine the arrow retention spring, trigger assembly and safety to make sure they are in working condition.

IMPORTANT! If there are any signs of damage to your crossbow, do not use it until the damaged part is repaired or replaced.