Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Cocking the Crossbow

Depending on your make and model of crossbow, there are several ways to properly and safely pull the string into the cocked position.

IMPORTANT! It is extremely important that you have your foot in the stirrup with as much downward pressure as possible. If your foot slips out, the crossbow will travel upward and could cause personal injury.


Manual Cocking

manual crossbow cocking

This involves using the hunters own strength to cock the crossbow.

Step 1. Place your foot securely into the stirrup of the crossbow, with as much downward pressure as possible.

Step 2. By bending over the crossbow, firmly grab the crossbow string on each side of the deck as evenly as possible. This aids in consistent accuracy.

Step 3. Keeping your arms straight, start pulling the string up with your arms and by straightening your back upright until the string reaches the locking mechanism and locks into the cocked position.

Step 4. Engage the safety.