Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Rope Cocking Aid

A rope cocking aid reduces the overall draw weight of the crossbow by as much as 50%, which makes cocking much easier. It also helps to evenly cock the crossbow.

Step 1

Place your foot securely into the stirrup of the crossbow, with as much downward pressure as possible.


Step 2

Secure the middle of the rope of the cocking aid into the groove behind the deck on the stock; usually below the safety.


Step 3

Place the two cocking aid hooks onto the string and have them as close as possible on each side of the deck.


Step 4

Grip the rope cocking aid handles. While maintaining your foot in the crossbow stirrup pull each handle upward until the crossbow string locks into place.


Step 5

Engage the safety.


Step 6

Remove the rope cocking aid from the string and crossbow.