Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Cranking Aid

cranking aid

Like the rope cocking aid, the cranking aid will also reduce significant draw weight, and will help cock your crossbow evenly. Depending on your crossbow make, some cranking aids are permanently mounted onto the crossbow, while others detach after each use.

Step 1. Attach the cranking aid to the butt of the stock; ensuring that it is securely fastened.

Step 2. Release the amount of string needed to get the hooks onto the crossbow string, making sure the hooks are on both sides of the deck.

Step 3. Place your foot securely into the stirrup of the crossbow, with as much downward pressure as possible.

Step 4. Crank the aid. This will pull the string into the locking mechanism, and into the cocked position.

Step 5. Engage the safety.

Step 6. Unwind the cranking aid until you can remove the hooks, and then remove (if possible) the cranking device. If unable to remove the cranking aid, wind the hooks up until they are out of the way.