Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Ground Blinds

artificial ground blind


This is a very popular method for crossbow hunting.  Artificial ground blinds come in many different sizes, camouflage patterns and technical components to help you blend into the environment. They allow for the utmost concealment, hiding all of your movement and allow you take that perfect shot. Blinds also offer hunters protection from the elements, including wind, rain and snow. Additionally, they help to control your scent and most blinds now have shoot-through mesh windows.


If using a manufactured ground blind, it is suggested that you set your blind up well before the beginning of hunting season so animals that do come by get used to the object being there, making it part of the environment.

natural ground blind


A hunter can also take advantage of natural cover as a ground blind.  It can be as simple as a fallen tree, an upturned stump or even a pile of logs.  Hunters can take branches and construct a makeshift blind close to where they believe the animal will appear. Blinds are usually located close to food sources, game trails and watering holes.


Whether you are using an artificial or natural blind, ground blinds should always be located downwind of where you expect to see game.  For your safety, it is important that any ground blind be clearly marked with blaze orange tape, to let others know that someone is inside or around the blind.

IMPORTANT! During the crossbow hunting season for deer in Nova Scotia, all crossbow hunters MUST wear hunter orange.


Safety First! Remember to make sure there is nothing in the way of your crossbow`s limbs before taking a shot!