Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course



treestand hunting

A very popular method of hunting with a crossbow is using a treestand. One of the main advantages of using a treestand with your crossbow is to get above the deer's line of sight. This will allow you to make slight movements and hopefully not be seen.

Another advantage to treestand hunting is avoiding the deer's sense of smell. When using the wind to your advantage your scent will be lifted above the approaching game. Also, being elevated will allow you to have a better view of any animals that may be approaching your treestand. There are many different styles of treestands available to hunters to accommodate different hunting environments. Chapter 5 will discuss treestand safety as well as different treestand options.

IMPORTANT! When using a treestand, it is of the utmost importance to cock the crossbow on the ground, and use a haul line to bring your crossbow into the treestand.