Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Scents, Lures and Game Calls

Scents and Lures

It is well known that most animals have a highly developed sense of smell. A hunter can make use of scents and lures to help trick the animal's sense of smell, helping them get closer for a better shot.

An attractant scent is used to lure curious animals that might be in the area. Synthetic urine is a good example of this type of scent. A hunter can purchase synthetic doe urine, synthetic doe-in-heat urine, or synthetic buck urine to attract deer.

IMPORTANT! In Nova Scotia, it is illegal to use anything but SYNTHETIC scents.

salt lick

A lure is a properly placed substance that will attract game into an area. Licks and mineral powders are two examples of lures used by hunters. They are usually made of compounds that are salty or sweet tasting. This is effective as it will bring the animal back to the same location for more.

Game feeders are also used by hunters to bring game into a certain area. Feeders are usually set up in an area where game has previously been spotted. The feed itself acts as a lure as it flavored with sweet tasting ingredients such as acorn, berry and apple.