Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Cover Scents and Eliminators

scent eliminator

Since the crossbow hunter must get quite close to the game animal, it is important that they have a way of masking their own odor, so as to avoid tipping off the animal.

Scent eliminators include a variety of products such as soap, shampoo and deodorant. They neutralize the body's odor, essentially eliminating our natural scent. Many hunters also use an odor eliminating spray which they spray on their gear and boots before heading out.

Cover scents are another popular option. They include the scent of natural cedar, spruce, pine and even apples to mask the hunter's odor.

Game Calls

deer call

These will help the hunter locate game in the area, and help lure game for a better shot.

Game calls come in a variety of models for all types of game. Calls can produce many sounds to get different responses from game animals. It is very important to practice your calling as much as possible before using them in the field.