Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Blood Trailing

blood trailing

This is the technique that will be used once you have hit your game and begin tracking it. A well positioned shot at a deer will give the hunter a quick and ethical kill and allow for an easy recovery.

There are a few simple steps to follow once you have shot at your target, to help make the recovery process as easy as possible.

It is important to keep a watchful eye on your game once it has been shot. Try to identify where exactly it was hit - did you get a clean shot in the vital area or was the shot a little toward the neck or gut area? You must also identify which direction the animal ran, so that you can track it later.

Remember that a broadhead harvests by blood loss.  If the hunter gets a clean shot, the animal can expire within minutes. However if the shot was even slightly off, it can take much longer for the animal to go down. If you try to follow a wounded animal, it will run away and make it much harder to track and find.  So, after taking a shot, crossbow hunters should wait at least 30 minutes before trying to find the animal.  However, if you feel your shot placement was not accurate, it is advisable to wait even longer.