Nova Scotia Crossbow Safety Course


Blood Trailing, Continued

blood trailing

After waiting, head to where the animal was shot, and start looking for signs. You will be looking for blood, hair, pieces of bone or even stomach contents depending on the shot location. Also, you may find the bolt which will give you clues as to the type of hit, depending on whether it is covered in blood or other fluid.

Look in the direction where the animal took off, and start searching for blood. Blood will be on grass, leaves, ground and maybe even trees so keep your eyes open. Having help while tracking will make the process easier as you will have more eyes looking for the blood trail. If you happen to lose the blood trail, head back to the last clear indication, and search in ever increasing circles until you come upon the next drop of blood.

Eventually, the blood trail will lead you to your downed game animal. Approach the game cautiously and have a bolt loaded in your crossbow in case a second shot is necessary. 

In most cases, a properly positioned shot will only have the animal go between 50-100 yards.

It is important to remember that an ethical and responsible hunter makes every effort possible to recover the animal.

IMPORTANT! If you lose the blood trail while tracking, return to the site where the animal was shot. An easy way to identify this area is to mark it with blaze orange surveyor's tape.