Nova Scotia Hunter Safety Course



A poacher is anyone who harvests game in a way that defies game laws. Hunting without a license, bagging over the legal limit, harvesting protected species or hunting outside the regulated season are all considered forms of poaching, which is a highly illegal act. As a responsible and ethical hunter, it is your duty to report all game law violations to the authorities. Never try and confront the guilty party yourself. Instead, stop your hunt and contact the local authorities as soon as possible.

When hunting with others, safe hunters might occasionally find themselves in the presence of unsafe or unethical hunters. It is your responsibility to follow the rules of firearm safety as well as the guidelines of hunter ethics, and to insist that everyone who hunts with you follow them as well. If the unethical or unsafe behavior continues, you should refuse to hunt with them, and refuse to be around them if firearms (loaded or unloaded) are present. Also, any violation of game laws should be reported to authorities, no matter who the offender might be.