Nova Scotia Hunter Safety Course


Calculating a Bearing to an Object

In order to calculate the bearing to an object, do the following;

Step 1

Point to the object you want to travel to. In this example, the tree is the object you are traveling to. Notice that the magnetic north arrow and the orienting arrow are not lined up.


Step 2

While looking at the object in the mirror, turn the bezel until the orienting arrow and the magnetic north needle are lined up and are on top of each other.


Step 3

Read the bearing to the object at the index line of the compass. The bearing to the object is 46 degrees. You can now walk to the tree on a bearing of 46 degrees.


GPS (Global Positioning System)

GPS is a navigation system based on a network of 24 satellites. Users with a GPS unit can determine their exact location (latitude and longitude) in any weather condition, all over the world, 24 hours a day.

Though GPS have great accuracy they should be used as a tool to supplement a map and compass. Always bring an extra set of batteries, extreme cold or hot weather can cause the batteries to have a short usable life span.


IMPORTANT! Although a GPS is a convenient tool to have while hunting, all hunters must still carry a compass, and know how to use it.