Nova Scotia Hunter Safety Course


Eye Injuries

If someone has a wound close to their eye, you should treat it as any other cut or abrasion, however take care that the eye does not come into contact with sanitizing lotion or antibacterial ointment, since these may cause further irritation.  If there is a foreign object in a person's eye, have them blink a few times to try and remove the object, flush out the eye with clean water, and seek medical attention if the object is not removed.  In the case of an impaling eye injury, do not remove the object yourself. Instead, contact emergency medical services as soon as possible.



Frostbite occurs in extreme cold when your body tissue freezes, and blood can no longer reach the tissue. This occurs most commonly on extremities - fingers and toes - as well as the nose and ears.  You can help prevent frostbite by wearing warm and layered clothing, including a face mask when riding in cold conditions. 

Initial symptoms include off-white colored skin, tingling in the affected area, sudden sharp pain in the affected area, and then numbness in the affected area.  If these occur, take the following steps:

  • Never rub the affected area.  Instead, apply direct body heat to the area.
  • Cover the area with clothing or blankets that are warm and dry. Do not use hot water or other substances that can burn the affected tissue.
  • Drink hot liquids, but avoid alcoholic beverages.
  • Seek medical help as soon as possible.