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Except in Labrador, grey or timber wolves have been exterminated in the Atlantic Provinces.

Wolves are the largest members of the dog family, sometimes weighing up to 45 kg. They are often a grizzled grey-brown which helps camouflage them in the grey, green and brown world of the eastern forests.

Wolves usually hunt in packs. The basic pack unit isa family made up of the male, the female and her pups.

Other adults are usually pups from previous years. Only the dominant male and the dominant female breed. Breeding time usually occurs in March or April. Nine weeks later a litter of five or six pups is born.

 Wolf Tracks 

Wolves are territorial and each pack defends its area against intruders. The size of the territory depends on the kind and the abundance of prey. Wolves prey chiefly on large mammals such as deer, moose and caribou. A small part of their diet is made up of smaller mammals and birds. In winter, wolves usually kill old or weak animals. In summer, the calves of caribou or moose are easiest for them to catch.

Wolves play an important role in controlling big game animals.